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Elvie Trainer and Toner

Elvie Trainer and Toner

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Your pelvic floor is a powerful set of muscles that play an important role in core stability, bladder control and intimate Wellness. Pelvic floor problems, including incontinence, are surprisingly common, affecting 1 in 3 women, and up to 80% of expectant and new mums.

But it's difficult to work out muscles you can't see. Elvie Trainer cuts out all of the guesswork. Elvie Trainer is a small pebble-shaped pod that you place inside just like a tampon. It links to the Elvie Trainer app, which tracks your fun, five-minute pelvic floor workouts. The app will guide you every step of the way.


Elvie Trainer helps new Mums recover and rebuild their pelvic floor post-baby. You can track your progress in real time through the Elvie App to build back up your pelvic floor strength.


Elvie Trainer helps women of all ages to gain greater bladder control and see results within 4 weeks. Elvie Trainer will guide you through 5 minute workouts that give your pelvic floor a full workout.


Elvie Trainer strengthens your core from the inside-out which helps to enhance Wellness and core stability. Designed using the highest medical grade of silicon, it is very easy to insert and comfortable.


You can see your pelvic floor movements in real-time and track your progress over time via the Elvie Trainer App. Our technology will guide you through your workouts ensuring your technique is correct and you see results fast.

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