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Whisbird (Turquiose)

Whisbird (Turquiose)

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Whisbird the soothing bird produces pink noise, which is nicer and gentler than white noise. pink noise masks other sounds and makes falling asleep easier, while being completely safe to use. This shushing toy is a perfect solution for travelling and on walks. also helpful for premature babies because they often spend their first days of live in incubators. the small size of whisbird allows it to accompany the infant all the time. Whisbird produces 40 min of a southing shushing sound. which than gently fades away.


With The Soothing Bird produces calming pink noise for 40 minutes. It soothes the baby and helps them fall asleep by filtering out ambient sounds. It's the perfect mobile sleeping companion


The Soothing Bird is perfect for a new baby girl and boy. During the first weeks after birth, a baby instinctively searches for the situations it knew whilst in the womb. This can lead to anxiety, stress, and frequent crying or colic. That's why it's worth giving them the fourth trimester and gradually adapt the baby to live in our world, outside their mother's womb


Whisbird the Soothing Bird may be a sensory toy or a sleep helper. When your baby is a few months old and begins to grasp objects, Whisbird turns into a sensory toy. Rustling wings and contrasting textiles encourage the child to play, supporting their development


The Bird is made of soft and OEKO-TEX attested fabrics. The filling used is hypoallergenic. Thanks to the small size and an extra hanging loop, the bird can be easily accommodated in a car seat or on your pram's handle. Pink noise is decidedly better, more pleasant, and less stress-inducing even with prolonged use


The pink noise that The Soothing Bird emits reminds babies of the environment they lived in during pregnancy. That is why pink noise can help to make your baby feel safe, calm, and allow them to sleep more easily. The pink noise helps to filter out environmental noises and its volume can be adjusted manually

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